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Our Save the Dates are finally done (except for a few that we still need to find addresses for!) and we are so excited and relieved! To be honest...they took WAY too much time, and were WAY too much work for just Save the Dates...but hey, I've learned my lesson! They're out now and I have gotten a lot of sweet texts about how much people like them and it just seems like the wedding is so much more real now :) Here's the final product:  

The fun part about our save the dates is, we made them all ourselves!! One of our good friends Adam made the graphic design over the top of our engagement pictures (taken by Danielle Capito) and designed the labels, and from there we got a little crafty (probably too crafty for Josh's liking) and put in a lot of cuttin', tapin', and gluein' to make the final product. I'll give you a little DIY as to how we made them:

To start off, we picked four of our favorite engagement pictures, and Adam made a seperate design for each picture. Here's an example of each one:

So here's the first let down of many that I'm sure will come as the wedding planning continues. The last picture above^, my favorite one, wouldn't print clearly, so we couldn't use it :( Which was a huge bummer, but yknow what, they're going to happen and I'm glad I got to feel the pain of not everything working out perfectly early on in the wedding planning. I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I was pretty bummed, but looking back, it really wasn't worth it :) 

So we took these 4 files to FedEx Kinkos, and asked them to print them as 4" by 6" pictures. Then, we cut the pictures out, glued them to peach, mint, and pale yellow scrapbooking paper that we got from Joanne's. After they had dried, we cut out the pictures, and then the sweet fiance corner punched EVERY SINGLE CORNER because I have this weird obsession with rounded corner (way more classy, people). So it took us about a day and 2 of my wonderful roommates helping to complete this task. 

...Then came the tedious part. We used 5 1/2" by 7 1/2" brown paper bags as envelopes. I'm talking thin, light brown paper bags...

way cheaper in bulk than normal envelopes, and I think better lookin'! So before we could stuff these babies, I sewed a straight line across the already sealed side of the envelope: I used mint thread, but to be honest, I wish I'd used a darker thread that would have stood out more:


I back-stitched when I got to the sides so I wouldn't have to tie the strings in little knots myself (would have taken FOREVER). When I finished each envelope, I passed it on to Josh who stuffed them with a picture and a little brown wood carved heart, and then he sealed the envelope with mint green washi tape. He was a great worker can I tell ya!

Next came thee most tedious part of all....entering all of the addresses into the file Adam made for us. It took forever, but now we have all of the addresses typed so it will make sending out the invitations a whole lot easier! For the labels, we printed 5 labels per normal sheet of paper:

Hope you like how I airbrushed out the addresses...super professional, right! We also printed out these sheets at Kinkos, onto label sticky paper, and used their cutters to cut straight across between each label, until we had label strips:

Then, we simply wrapped the stickers around the bend in the envelope and stuck them on! As simple as that :)

The nice lady at the post office helped us find these super cute wedding cake stamps, and they really were the cherry on top of the cake:

And that's about it! Looking back, they were fun to make and totally worth it...but I can't lie, they took a long time. Longer than I had planned. Breath of fresh air when they are finally all out! Anyone have questions?! Let me know if you use this DIY for your own invitations! I'd love to see the final product :) Happy early Thursday morning to you all, hope you have a great great day today!


  1. SO SO beautiful!
    love DIY wedding ideas :)

    i am sharing my adventure of
    'our rustic wedding'
    read about it & our DIY wedding invitation here:
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    xo - heather

  2. I am in love with the font Adam used. Do you know what it is?

    1. It's Carolyna Pro Black! It's pretty pricey, but definitely worth it if you're into fonts as much as I am :)

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  4. Are they your silhouettes or did you take them off the web? If so, where did you find them??

  5. Okay, I need to find a cute wedding photographer in Cincinnati who can come up with fun ideas like this for me! I like how there is a theme to all the pics and you're not just standing there.